STEM Inspiration Volunteer

Katja Srbljanin

Service Engineer, Siemens

"After taking part in the Big Bang Fair last year, I jumped at the chance to come back and do it again in March 2017. I am a big supporter of the whole event initiative and I believe it has endless benefits to young people who want to find out more about STEM careers and what interests them. The opportunity to talk to real life professionals and get hands on with fun, practical experiments and games really helps the young visitors see and understand STEM.

"Volunteering at the Big Bang Fair is a fantastic way of developing your confidence. It helps develop communication and presentation skills and have a rewarding experience to help generations to get inspired and learn more about STEM fields. It’s an amazing opportunity to meet new people, share experiences and pass on knowledge.

"I would recommend the Big Bang Fair to absolutely anyone! Whether you are new into your career, still studying, or a well experienced STEM professional, if you are passionate about STEM, this is an event that will give you the opportunity to pass on your knowledge to young people who want to find out more about you career path and get inspired.

Having these experiences and opportunities at a young age is extremely beneficial and could be significant in shaping their future. Join us for the next year's Fair.”


Álvaro Rojas-Zamora

Álvaro Rojas-Zamora

Flight Test Development Engineer (Rolls-Royce) STEM Inspiration Volunteer in March 2017

“The Big Bang Fair is the place to be if you want science and engineering to inspire you and have a rewarding experience in a unique STEM event.

"My passion for flight fuelled me throughout my STEM studies at Glyndŵr University in Wales, Paris, Málaga, Seville… but before that journey, I never thought I’d end up where I am now. This is a great way to share my passion in my field while inspiring young visitors to achieve their career dreams.

"I develop and test the world´s best jet engines through ice clouds to blistering deserts, perfecting them to fly on the world´s biggest aircrafts. That. Is. Awesome. and I wake up every morning with a ‘let´s do this’ feeling. That feeling, of achieving your dreams and doing something fulfilling that you really love, is what we communicate to everyone that comes into our ‘inflatable dome’.

"No matter what you do, if you enjoy sharing your passion and inspiring young people to undertake a career path in STEM, this is the place for you. Join us as a STEM Inspiration Volunteer!”