Why visit?

Join us on a voyage of discovery of virtual reality, medicine, marine biology, film and TV, space exploration, explosive chemistry, crime-solving, robots, computer coding, microscopic bugs, giant trucks and more.


  • High-octane theatre shows
  • 150+ interactive stands and workshops
  • Inspiring science and engineering projects
  • Careers information, resources and activities

Girl creating an electrical circuit at The Big Bang fair 2016

If you want to show a 7-19 year old how what they learn at schools is used by real people in real jobs, register to bring them to The Fair.

The Fair gives young people the chance to hear from inspiring engineers and scientists from some of the UK’s biggest companies and find out about the opportunities available in science and engineering.

The Big Bang Fair is an exceptional educational event, enjoyed by visitors of all ages.

In 2017, 92% of visiting 11-14 year olds enjoyed The Fair and 80% said they learnt a lot from their visit.

There were over 24,750 careers engagements and 40% of young visitors used the opportunity to speak to someone about careers.

What our visitors have said...

“I can’t think of any other place where students have access to so much science in one hall. This is the best place to bring students to find avenues for jobs”

“Seeing engineering in a real life environment is helpful because it makes you think about how you’re going to use it.”

“The Big Bang Fair encourages young people to understand what science and maths and technology can mean in life as well as in the classroom.”
David Cameron, Prime Minister