Healthcare of the future will be as unique to an individual as their fingerprint is to them

Treatment of many diseases is no longer about a ‘one size fits all approach’; rather, treatment is personalised - medicines treat an individual and their specific disease. Roche is at the very heart of this approach, known as Personalised Healthcare (PHC). We’re developing equipment to diagnose, and medicines to treat, some of the world’s most pressing health issues.

Come and visit our stand at the Big Bang UK Fair and take part in two activities to help you understand more about Personalised Healthcare.

Step into our human-sized pinboard and create a 3D image of yourself. A picture of the image will be taken which you can then take away.

Then test your knowledge about Personalised Healthcare via our giant interactive quiz board. 

Activity information

Subject(s) Biology,Chemistry,Technology
Age range All ages
Format Interactive stand
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