Future Makers Zone

Siemens' Future Makers Zone will allow budding future engineers and scientists to learn, explore and experience STEM in action!

Self-driving Vehicles: Take the self-driving challenge and learn basic coding to get your vehicle safely round the course

DIY Science: Have a go at our hands-on science experiments, designed to demonstrate that science and engineering are everywhere. A series of DIY Science videos is available on Youtube (http://bit.ly/2tpJwo1), so you can have a go at home with your friends and family too

Games: You can try out a number of our interactive games that are available on www.siemens.co.uk/education

  1. Do you have the skills to keep cars rolling off a production line?
  2. Can you pick the right energy solutions to keep an island running?
  3. Can you program a self-driving vehicle?

Greenpower: The Greenpower Challenge is to fit all the wheels (plus the steering wheel) on the car in the fastest time – may the fastest team win!  


Activity information

Subject(s) Engineering,Mathematics,Technology
Age range All ages
Format Interactive stand
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