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We want everyone who comes to The Big Bang Fair to understand how important scientists and engineers really are… they literally shape the world around us! The number of exciting career possibilities that exist within science, technology, engineering and maths are endless and the best news is, there’s a route for everyone. Whether you want to learn on the job, go to college, go to university or combine different routes, you can start planning your own path now.

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Careers Cabin

Visit the Careers Cabin and take part in the fun activities to find out where maths, science, computing and D&T could take you…..

Qualified careers advisers will be on hand to provide information, advice and guidance on different routes into STEM careers. 

There will be a number of activities going on in the Careers Cabin including

Meet the Future You

Meet scientists and engineers and find out where you could be in a few years’ time if you continue with maths, science, computing, D&T and other relevant subjects. In small groups you will have the chance to quiz people working in lots of different industries and discover how they got to where they are now. Sessions last for approximately 40 minutes and are bookable on the day. Please visit the reception desk at the Careers Cabin to reserve a place. Students only please! Suitable for those aged 10 or over.

'Whose crew are you?' quiz 

From exploring outer space to designing the phone in your pocket, all the best things are made by teams working together. We like to think of them as crews!

Take our short online careers quiz to find out which of the 12 crews you’re in. You’ll be able to pick up your crew profile at The Fair, which includes suggestions of science and engineering job roles in your crew and useful websites to find out more.

When you have completed the online quiz, you will have the opportunity to collect a number of crew stickers from Careers Captains located around the showfloor. Ask them a question about their job or play our careers fact game to start collecting stickers! When you have collected as many stickers as you can, drop your sticker card into the competition box at the Careers Cabin for a chance to win an exciting prize.

Career Captains

Want to find out more about what scientists and engineers do and where they work? Look out for our Careers Captains who are people working as scientists or engineers or studying STEM subjects. They will be wearing blue careers armbands and displaying a ‘Whose Crew Are You?’ flag. Captains can be found all around the showfloor – how many different crews will you manage to find…?


Careers Talks

Find out more about careers in particular industries, hear from STEM professionals and learn more about apprenticeships and graduate opportunities in these dedicated careers talks. At the 2017 fair we learnt about career in coding and how it relates to your everyday life, we heard from real life apprentices who work in engineering businesses and listened to some amazing women who work in the STEM industries and their stories of what inspired them. 

**Saturday only

Maths Counts - Mathscot

At The Big Bang Fair we understand how important maths will be in the future, especially with the advances in digital technology which is paving the way for all future jobs requiring technology skills.

Maths matters and to help us on our quest to ensure all our young visitors understand this we have roped in the help of our ‘Mathscot’ Pi!

Pi has joined The Big Bang Crew and roams around The Fair, inspiring young people to consider the importance of maths in their future. Make sure you go and say hello, join in the activities, learn more about maths and take a selfie!

Look out for the Maths Counts logo across The Fair (see logo below right) – it means that maths plays a part in the activities or careers showcased on the stand.

Pi the Maths Counts character