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Have you ever imagined that you’d discover a cure for cancer, help everyone in the world access clean drinking water, design a supercomputer that can predict climate change or create amazing special effects for the next box office blockbuster? The number of exciting career possibilities that exist within science, technology, engineering and maths are endless and the best news is, there’s a route for everyone. Whether you want to learn on the job, go to college, go to university or combine different routes, you can start planning your own path now.

Real jobs

The best way to understand what people who work in science and engineering do is for them to tell you.

"The garments we design at CuteCircuit are the fashion of the future. Garments with embedded technology will become the interface between us and others." 
Francesca, Chief Creative Director, CuteCircuit

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"I left education after sixth form and went straight into work. The company sponsored me to do an applied chemistry degree." 
Claire, Flavourist and Innovation Director, Aromco Ltd

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"I really like solving problems, and designing and making things, and engineering was the best mix of all those things." 
Kamala, Traffic Control Engineer, Transport for London

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"The highlight of my career so far has to be reporting on the final space shuttle launch from Florida - it was heart-stopping, emotional, beautiful and frantic." 
Alok, Science Journalist, the Guardian

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"I've always enjoyed solving problems, which led me to study mathematics. I stumbled onto a project related to terrorism by chance, during my MSc and it seemed the perfect combination between working on something unusual, solving problems, and most of all, doing something that would be useful for society."
Sumitra, PhD Student, Management Science (London School of Economics)

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"I work as a research assistant for a company that specialises in the management of clinical trials, particularly breast cancer-related trials."
Elle, Research Assistant, Frontier Science Scotland

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Whose Crew Are You

From exploring outer space to designing the phone in your pocket, all the best things are made by teams working together. We think of them as 'crews'. 

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