Teaching resources

Architecture Workshop

AWA Primary Workshop Information PDF

AWA Secondary Workshop Information PDF

AWA Primary Workshop List PDF

AWA Secondary Workshop List PDF

AWA Art & Architecture Design Days PDF



Aveva Graduate Brochure


British Science Association

Stop the Spread Discovery Powerpoint

Stop the Spread Student Pack

Stop the Spread Teacher Pack

YGC Intro Powerpoint

Cogent Skills

Write a winning CV

Cover Letter Guide

Science Guide for parents

Interview Top Tips

Careers Lanyard Young People


Pretty Curious 

The Pod - resources for students and teachers 

EDF Energy Education

EDF Energy Early Careers 


Engineers Without Borders 

Power for Everyone Everywhere Presentation Slides


Environment Agency

Undergraduate Courses in Floor and Costal Engineering



GSK resources for teachers and parents


Harper Adams

Engineering Prospectus



Health Education England (NHS)

A career for you in health

Careers in healthcare science


HG Education 

Domabot Build

Classroom Activities for the Busy Teacher: NXT

Student Worksheets for Classroom Activities For the Busy Teacher

Highways England

Maths Activity - Making Sense of Data

Highways England Apprenticeships


Horizon Nuclear Power

HNP Education Route Map

HNP Future Jobs Profiles


Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications

Join the 16+ Community 

Shape Your Prospects Jobs with Maths

Teacher Resources

Maths Careers

Downloadable free resources

How to find out more about maths


Institution of Civil Engineers

The Everything You Need To Know Guide To Civil Engineering

The Little Book of Civil Engineering

Compact Career Guide to civil engineering

Undergraduate Scholarship Flyer

Quest Technician Scholarship Flyer

Intellectual Property Office

8-11 Activity Pack and Curriculum

12-16 Activity Pack and Curriculum

8-11 Curriculum and Innovation Pack

12-16 Curriculum and Innovation Pack

A brief guide for teachers

Future Innovators Tool Kit

Future Innovators presentation



Rotor Motor Template

Medical Mavericks

Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics

Analytical Toxicology

Urodynamic Scientist 

National Grid

Be the source: How electricity is made and transmitted

Be the source: Deliverying current electricity

Be the source: Electricity Transmission National Grid Assets

Be the source: How electricity is made and transmitted (poster)


National Theatre

Teachers' Guide to Careers in Theatre


Nuclear Institute

Nuclear Institute Booklet 

Pinhole Photos & Camera Obscuras

How to make your own tube camera obscura

Creating your own room camera obscuras 

Train station perspective drawing

How light makes materials go black


Public Health England

UK Junior Pack

UK Senior Pack

Shell UK Ltd

The Bright Ideas Challenge - Ice Breaker Activities

The Bright Ideas Challenge - Classroom Presentation

The Bright Ideas Challenge - Teacher Toolkit

The Bright Ideas Challenge - Student Workbook


Siemens Education

Siemens has a wealth of free, stimulating, curriculum-linked resources which bring science, technology, engineering and maths education to life in the classroom

Siemens Digital Badges

Siemens digital badges (think an online Brownie badge!) enable teachers to support young people to showcase their achievements and gain evidence-based endorsement for their STEM skills.

Interactive Games

  • Do you have the skills to keep cars rolling off a production line? 
  • Can you pick the right energy solutions to keep an island running? 
  • Can you program a self-driving vehicle?

Siemens has a variety of exciting online games, which can be access at school or at home.


Society for Radiological Protection

Basic Principles of Radiation Protection - Lesson Plan 

Lesson Plan: Everyday items

Lesson Plan: Demonstration of half-life

Talent 2030 Competition

Competition Flyer

Student Factsheet

Teacher and Parent Factsheet


TATA Consultancy Services 

TechFuture Teachers, Careers Resource Pack


The Detective Project

The Detective Project 

The Operational Research Society

The OR Society's Teachers' Resources


The Royal Academy of Engineering

Making Waves

Optimal Propeller 

Existence at the Extreme: Monsoon 

Resource Catalogue Flyer

The Royal Entomological Society

What Makes an Insect?

Insect Garden

Get Sweeping 

UKStem - Control Freak

The Crumble Guide

The Crumble Skills

Getting started challenges


University of Birmingham

Antimatters Matters


University of Edinburgh

Are Supercomputers Superheroes?

Supercomputing Word Search - Adult

Supercomputing Word Search - Junior


University of Salford

Acoustical Engineering Careers


University Warwick

University Warwick Amazing Mazie The Slime Mould


Water Aid

WaterAid Assembly Presentation

WaterAid Schools Challenge KS3 Lesson Plan

WaterAid The Water Fight KS2 Lesson Plan


Women in Engineering Student Society (Sheffield University)

Suzie and Ricky, The Crash Landing Story Book

Routes into Science and Engineering Infographic

Teachers' Guide, Exploring Options into Science, Maths and Engineering


Year of Engineering

Can you step through this piece of paper?