Gareth Davies - Careers Captain

Gareth Davies

What do you do?

I studied for an MChem in Chemistry at Cardiff University and have spent the last 5 years working for the Royal Society of Chemistry supporting members to advance the chemical sciences.


What motivated you to volunteer at The Big Bang Fair 2018?

It felt like a great opportunity to meet and inspire the next generation that will help move STEM forward.


What was your role at The Big Bang Fair 2018 and what sort of things did you do?

I was primarily a Careers Captain which gave me the opportunity to talk to young people about a range of careers in the STEM subjects. Due to my job role I meet a lot of chemical scientists working in wide ranging roles which really helped when it came to explaining the breadth of jobs that area available in these areas.


What did you enjoy most about volunteering?

It was fantastic meeting so many already deeply engaged individuals who already had a career in STEM planned, but it was doubly rewarding to meet students who had never considered, or completely discounted a career in a science or engineering field, but because you've have given them something that they can relate to and is relevant to their interests, it is now something they are passionate about.


Would you recommend volunteering at The Big Bang Fair?

I loved my time at The Big Bang Fair. Meeting the other volunteers and their enthusiasm alone is enough of a reason to come back, but the main reason to volunteer at The Big Bang Fair is simply to share your love of working in STEM. The excited responses you get when a student realises they could be designing the next flavour of ice cream, creating virtual reality games or constructing incredible buildings with new and unique materials, are without a doubt the true reward. Over my two days at the event I spoke to over 1,000 students. Even if only a handful of them have now considered a career in STEM because of our conversation it would be completely worth it.