Gemma Staite - Team Leader

Gemma Staite

What do you do?

Biomedical Scientist in the NHS. I started as a trainee whilst I was doing my degree. I've since done my MSc and am now a section leader, with a responsibility of health and safety.


What motivated you to volunteer at The Big Bang Fair 2018?

When I first saw it advertised a few years ago, I thought it looked fun so decided to give it a go. It was great so I've done it each year since. The fair is fantastic, so interactive and fun. It's a really worthwhile event to get students interested and show the wide variety of jobs available. Having volunteers helps it run smoothly and supports everyone getting the most out of it.


What was your role at The Big Bang Fair 2018 and what sort of things did you do?

STEM team leader. I volunteered for three days. Each day I helped to register volunteers and settle them in, making them feel welcome, wanted, needed and ready.  On the first day I was a careers captain. I spent my day handing out stickers, roaming the showfloor, encouraging students to take the "whose crew are you" quiz and talking to them about my job. I helped organise breaks and ensure everywhere was covered. For the other two days I was in the “Meet the future You” activity. It's pretty full on but great fun and very rewarding.


What did you enjoy most about volunteering?

The enthusiasm... mine, the team, the other volunteers and of course the students.


Would you recommend volunteering at The Big Bang Fair?

Yes. It’s a fantastic experience. The fair itself is great fun so it's a chance to have a look when you wouldn't normally have the chance maybe. It's good experience, good for a CV and promoting your career. Most students you talk to are genuinely interested in what you are saying. Imagine making a difference to someone. Or allowing someone to learn your job exists for the first time. It really does feel good.