Ken Mollison - Competition Judge

Ken Mollison

What do you do?

Control Engineer / Company Director


What motivated you to volunteer at The Big Bang Fair 2018?

To share my work and life experiences to inspire or guide others who might like to have similar experiences and in this way give back something to a system which has provided well for me in my career.


What was your role at The Big Bang Fair 2018 and what sort of things did you do?

Big Bang Competition Judge, Careers Cabin and Captain, Tomorrows Engineer’s EEP Robotics Challenge Judge.


What did you enjoy most about volunteering?

The overall experience was amazingly uplifting. I attended thinking I would inspire others and promote engineering and technology an all things STEAM. In fact, the reverse happened as after my 4-day immersed experience I came away on reflection inspired by the creativity and technical ability of our young people. This I found truly inspiring. Being around so many like-minded people who had fantastic experiences to relate and who also were communicators and had stories to tell that people actually wanted to listen to and question will keep me going till 2019 while I hopefully get involved in another 50 or so events. Helping develop the next generation of technologists does get to be addictive.


Would you recommend volunteering at The Big Bang Fair?

Of course. The Big Bang Fair is completely and utterly focused on providing our young people of all abilities, gender and ethnicity with an environment within which they can reach out and achieve. Being part of that environment provides background within which it is possible to relate the activities in the region and help promote in the regions. Being part of TBBF also provides experience of indicators of what young people can achieve.