A Career with a View

Our workshops will have activities suitable for all ages allowing visitors to discover a career in optometry or audiology and start seeing things differently!

Younger students will learn about the anatomy of the eye, take part in a fun activity to design and create their own personalised pair of specs and have the chance to design their own flip book. They'll learn more about sight loss by trying on sim specs, enabling them to experience the impact of sight loss.

Year 7 – 10 zone

A high energy 20-minute workshop, especially tailored for this age group

Students will experience for themselves how different eye diseases could impact on their vision, use cutting edge technology to step into an optician’s shoes & prescribe the right specs for their classmates.  They'll take a live peek deep inside an ear canal and drum, learning more about how we hear and how sound travels.

Years 10 – 13+ zone

Experience a fast-paced 20-minute workshop.

Students will use cutting edge technology to look at the back of their own eye, peek deep inside an ear canal and ear drum, experience different levels of hearing loss and discover how we can help patients.

Activity information

Subject(s) Biology,Physics,Technology
Age range All ages
Format Workshop
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