Fingerprints, Fakes and Forgeries! & Going out with a Big Bang!

Visit the Staffordshire University Big Bus to try one of our forensic science activities.

Fingerprints, Fakes and Forgeries!

Have you noticed the skin on your fingers is different to the rest of your body? Do you know what types of fingerprints you have? Is the £5 note in your pocket real or a fake? Come to our Staffordshire University Big Bus where you can develop and examine your own fingerprints and look at some real and fake bank notes to see if you will be able to spend that £5 note of yours!

Going out with a Big Bang!

On our Staffordshire University Big Bus, we have a crime scene that we need your help with!  The body of Mr Bang has been found, along with a number of items of possible evidence, and we need to uncover what has happened to him.  We need you to use your deductive skills, combined with scientific techniques, to analyse the evidence at the scene to solve this case.  Step on to our bus, into the Crime Scene, and into the exciting world of Forensic Investigation.   


Activity information

Subject(s) Biology,Chemistry,Technology
Age range All ages
Format Interactive stand
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