HS2 Future You

More than just a railway, HS2 is about unlocking our potential, and making better connections between people and places. This takes ideas and it takes creativity. We need people from every background, with a huge range of skills - everything from business and technology to environment and design. Our mega-project will launch thousands of careers - maybe even yours!

Visit our stand and try out one of our many activities including: 

Zoom Train - After building your train at the makers bench, bring it over to the race track to test your creation.

Future Career Wall - A magic mirror style experience where visitors can try on different careers for size. See yourself as a future engineer working with drones, or a scientist working with nanomaterials.

Interactive table – Test your knowledge and understand how the different career themes will work together to create HS2

Graffiti Wall – Leave your feedback, ideas & suggestions for the railway of the future.

Activity information

Subject(s) Engineering,Mathematics,Technology
Age range All ages
Format Interactive stand
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