Intellectual Property Office

Visit the Cracking Ideas stand from the Intellectual Property Office and try your hand at our star attraction The Karaoke Shower!

If you fancy yourself as a singing sensation, draw the curtain and take your turn in the spotlight whilst learning about the responsible choices you can make when downloading content from the internet. Just pull the curtain shut, choose from over 9000 songs to sing along to and make sure you enjoy your time with the microphone as that’s where the secrecy ends! Every moment of your performance will be shown on the video screens outside the booth! 

After singing your heart out challenge yourself to see whether you can spot a counterfeit product from the real deal in the Enforcement area giving you yet another chance to win a cracking prize!

So if you have a flare for the dramatics, or fancy giving our exciting new game a go or are simply fascinated by the idea of Intellectual Property, stop by our stand for a chat to the Cracking Ideas team about the work that we do.

Activity information

Subject(s) Biology,Chemistry,Engineering,Mathematics,Physics,Technology
Age range 7-11,11-14,14-16
Format Interactive stand
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