Come and have a go at being a medical engineer and illuminate the inner workings of the brain with light! You’ll find out how light can travel deep into the body, and capture flashy images of your hand to see which colours of light can shine through!

From colourful combinations of light to invisible infra-red light, you’ll get a glimpse of how light interacts with your body. You’ll also get to see the enclosed electronic components that control the light sources and cameras!

Learn how the engineers can use the light that travels through your brain to measure your own brain activity! We’ll monitor your brain activity while we test your brain with mental tasks – prove your brain power by leading on the scoreboard!

Discover the fascinating applications of this technology, including how real doctors are using it as a safe, low cost and non-invasive way to monitor the brains of babies in hospital.

Activity information

Subject(s) Biology,Engineering,Physics
Age range All ages
Format Interactive stand
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