Technicians Make It Happen

Ever wanted to work in the space industry or be involved in sell-out stadium rock concerts? Then becoming a technician could be the perfect job for you. 

Technicians work in almost every sector of the UK economy. They don’t always have technician in their job title; but there’s barely a business in the country that could function without them. So there is a constant need for more technicians. Whether you are inspired by engines; plants; films or food; becoming a technician could open up a satisfying and successful career.

Come along to meet the Technicians that Make it Happen and see if you've got the skills needed to beat our technicians at their own game!

Find out what education and career paths a whole variety of technicians have taken. Jahangir is an Apprentice Broadcast Engineer at the BBC - he enjoys solving problems and now gets to tackle a new challenge every day. Emma is an RAF technician - as someone who is methodical, she finds it really rewarding following procedures from start to finish and seeing the end product. Sunday started as a factory operator at Mars Confectionery, now he is Assembly Manager at Brompton Bikes, his skills are in finding faults in mechanisms and making sure everything runs smoothly.

Where could you go as a technician?

Activity information

Subject(s) Engineering
Age range 11-14
Format Interactive stand
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