Codebreaker will be making a reappearance! Challenge your friends and decipher the code using your maths skills. With increasing levels of difficulty and a chance to challenge your friends, can you crack the code?

Get the chance to drive a car using our simulator, no matter your age! You will see how using your mobile phone while driving can be hazardous, whilst showing you how simulators are the future of training. Ask us about our plane and helicopter simulators!

Be amazed and immerse yourself in a different world with the opportunity to try VR. You can take control and have the ability to create things, just with your hands!

See a 3D printer in action and learn how a design is taken from a concept, created in CAD software, loaded into the printer and then made. There will also be an opportunity to get hands on with puzzles and shapes created with the 3D printer to show you how the possibilities of this are endless!

Activity information

Subject(s) Engineering,Mathematics,Technology
Age range All ages
Format Interactive stand
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