The Acousatron

Play the Acousatron: flick switches, pull levers, spin disks and press buttons to control the devastating sounds of this cacophonous contraption!

Noisy Toys have built a whole ensemble of mechanised instruments for the Recycled Robot Orchestra. Our Music Scientists and Noise Technicians will aim to achieve genuine Robotic Funk during hourly performances; then you get to join the jam! This is your chance to have a play on the Acousatron; use mechanical controls to play violins; rubber bands; hard drive disks; a very"prepared" piano; a cello; a door spring; some heat sinks and lots of acoustic junk to produce sounds you won't believe.

You can also try the Noise Test and learn how to make your own Noisy Robots using computer junk: fans; motors and old hard drives. To find the Acousatron just follow the Boooming Bass sounds!

Activity information

Subject(s) Engineering,Technology
Age range 11-14
Format Interactive stand
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