Be The Goalie

Be The Goalie is a riotous mashup of table football and camera-based motion detection, pitting life sized agility against pure foosball skills. The result is a game that gets people grinning, shouting and moving!

You, the goalies, act out the role of your rod-stricken counterparts and try to save your opponents’ blistering shots on goal. Assembled from a mixture of gaming equipment and DIY electronics, cameras detect the life sized goalies’ desperate movements, a little computer code turns this information into motor instructions, and the tabletop goalies move their few inches accordingly. The result is a no holds barred, against the clock battle for four players. No spinning!

After a furious game of table football come and learn the code behind the game and make your own body controlled interactive installation. 

Activity information

Subject(s) Engineering,Mathematics,Physics,Technology
Age range All ages
Format Interactive stand
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