The ‘Not at’ CHRISTMAS LECTURES – The Language of Life

How do you make a chimpanzee yawn? Can you fake a laugh? What on earth has talking got to do with a whoopee cushion?

The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures on Tour is coming to the Big Bang Fair and this year it’s all about communication. So, warm up your vocal cords, perfect your pitch and join us in this symphony of science as we answer these questions and many, many more.

Presented by Natasha Simons (Christmas Lectures Assistant), Dan Plane (Christmas Lectures Warm-up) and Fran Scott (Christmas Lectures Content Producer and CBBC Presenter), this show will explore how the animal world, including us humans, use our bodies to communicate.

From the impressive light show of fireflies, to the miscommunication used in magic, to the jaw-dropping capabilities of beat-boxers.  With the Ri’s CHRISTMAS LECTURES at the Big Bang Fair you can expect the weird, the wonderful and of course plenty of fire (this is the Royal Institution, after all!).


Activity information

Subject(s) Biology,Chemistry,Physics
Age range All ages
Format Show
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