Food Crew

It’s all about food, glorious food for this culinary crew! From farm to fork, scientists, technologists and engineers work on the processes we need to grow, manufacture, package and transport food, all around the world.

Find out about some of the careers in food:

Food Scientist
Packaging Technologist 
Agricultural engineer 
Chemical Engineering Technician

Nestlé Project Engineer - Aoibheann Hurley 

It's not just TV chefs and fictional characters like Oompa Loompas who get to make chocolate all day - engineers can get involved too! Aoibheann is a project engineer on the graduate scheme at Nestlé and she works out how to put together a new production line or improve an existing one so that great chocolate, as well as other food, can be made on a huge scale!  

Jessica Chambers - Food Technologist  

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