Travel Crew

This clued-up crew doesn't sit still for long. Transport planners help us get from A to B as quickly as possible, while engineers are behind the design and safety of anything that moves – from aeroplanes to roller coasters.

Find out about some of the careers in travel:

Transport planner
Aeronautical engineer
Science writer
Rail engineering technician
Mechanical engineer
Civil engineer

Jennie Treen, Apprentice Traffic Maintenance Engineer

Jennie's watching you... to help keep you safe on the roads! She works at Transport for London, watching over the capital's traffic lights, signposts and junctions to keep everyone safe as they drive to work! 

Andrew Lamb is Chief Executive of a charity called Engineers Without Borders UK

He was inspired to go into Engineering at a young age by playing with Lego and then later by looking at aeroplanes and wondering how such a lot of metal could stay up in the air.

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