Create Education Project

The Create Education Project will be showcasing the range of 3D printers in action. Come to see how the printers work, examine a range of 3D printed objects and ask our experts any questions you have.

In addition to showcasing the technology and a range of 3D prints covering all STEM subject areas we will be running two drop in activities:

Activity 1: If I had a 3D Printer Competition

What would you make if you had a 3D printer? To enter this competition simply design, draw and explain what you would make if you had a 3D printer. The best idea will win a goody bag and a 3D print of their design.

Activity 2: 3D Puzzles

Put your mathematical, technical, engineering and logic skills to the test by trying to solve some of our many 3D puzzles.


Activity information

Subject(s) Engineering,Mathematics,Physics,Technology
Age range All ages
Format Interactive stand
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