Gaia: Mapping the Milky Way from Space

Ever wondered what our Milky Way Galaxy looks like? Or how far away stars are and how they move?

Our interactive exhibition stand allows visitors to explore the European Space Agency's Gaia mission, which is answering these questions and many more. Gaia involves not only remarkable science but extraordinary technology and impressive precision: a typical Gaia measurement has accuracy equivalent to resolving a 20p coin on the moon!

Visitors can have a go at a hands-on activity which demonstrates how we measure the distances to stars and also discover the amazing technology behind the largest camera ever launched into space. Real examples of the technology; scale models and interactive devices bring the mission to life.

Find out more at our stand about classroom activities and projects you can get involved in to make new discoveries with Gaia and take some of our Gaia freebies home with you.

Activity information

Subject(s) Chemistry,Engineering,Mathematics,Physics,Technology
Age range 11-14
Format Interactive stand
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