Do try this at home!

Brought to you by the team behind Festival of the Spoken Nerd.

Science is all around us… so TV science guy Steve Mould, singing physicist Helen Arney and stand-up mathematician Matt Parker are out to prove you don't need expensive kit, a fancy laboratory (or a regard for your own personal health and safety) to do your own experiments.

Moving through every room in the house, they’ll explore the science hiding in every corner and make seemingly ordinary objects do things they were never meant to do. What happens when you connect your parents’ expensive glassware to a massive amplifier? Don't blame us if you land in the bad books…. From gravity-defying curtain chains to the smartphone in your pocket, nothing escapes their DIY demonstrations!


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Subject(s) Chemistry,Engineering,Mathematics,Physics,Technology
Age range 11-14,14-16,16-19
Format Headline show
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