STEMtastic's Simple Hovercraft

At STEMtastic's Simple Hovercraft stand you can learn how a model hovercraft works; understanding the principles behind a real hovercraft.

Link the concepts of particles, air pressure, energy and forces by examining a hovercraft and finding out how it works? Explore questions such as does friction make a difference? How much energy is transferred from particles in a half-inflated balloon? Is there more energy stored in a fully inflated balloon or a half-inflated balloon?

Introducing curriculum content on forces from KS2, developing ideas of particles and energy transfers in KS3 and cross linking physics with engineering at GCSE; this activity is ideal for all ages! Visitors to the stand can then choose the materials most suitable to make a simple model hovercraft, design and construct it, then take it home!

Activity information

Subject(s) Engineering,Physics
Age range 7-11
Format Interactive stand
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